SYMPHONY GUARDFORCE SDN BHD, registered under Malaysian Home Ministry and Finance Ministry began life in December 2013. The establishment of our corporate entity is well accepetedby the security Services Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia / PPKKM) as its member.

SYMPHONY GUARDFORCE SDN BHD aims to provide a full security solution to individuals, business and communities. Built on the premise that security and safety in our country is in a downward spiral, we strives to be a major contributing factor in correcting this trend.

We have a big vision of being the most admired and market leader in provision of total security solutions. Starting with small communities, SYMPHONY GUARDFORCE SDN BHD promises to deliver an unparalleled service which will lead us to achieving this goal.

Our staff is highly trained and skilled in ensuring the protection of our clients, their families and their assets. We know that our staff represent our company on a daily basis and our code of ethic, company policies and procedures will ensure that they are presentable, efficient and at all times ready to serve our clients. Within legal requirements, our employees will go to all lengths to protect and serve our clients and their communities.

Whilst our full products and services list can be found below, SYMPHONY GUARDFORCE SDN BHD offers a wide range of security solutions for homes, businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves in providing a premium service, executed at the highest levels.

Our Vision & Mission


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